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22 June 2017
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Ammar Jaffri represents Pakistan in  IT conferences in  Brussels: Calls for greater connectivity of diaspora through Internet.

Mr Ammar Jaffri CEO of  IOT Pakistan,  a pioneering organization working on the newly   emerging concept of ‘Internet of Things’  has called upon Pakistani living abroad to create greater unity among themselves by connecting through internet. He stressed upon supporting   technology led facilities in the far flung areas of Pakistan, as a huge un- tapped market potential existed in this area. Jaffri was talking to Pakistani media after attending two international conferences on Information Technology in Brussels one organized by the European Commission and other by a French Company Geo IoT world  .

He was invited by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development for the annual meeting of the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE), hosted by the European Commission in Brussels from 31st May to 1st June. The GFCE is a multilateral initiative created in 2015 by the Dutch Government to serve as a global platform for countries, international organizations and private companies to exchange best practices and expertise on cyber capacity

He was also a  key note speaker at the international conference organized by the  Geo IOT World a French organization dedicated to the new location-aware technologies and boosting IoT opportunities. In the 3 days conference which took place in Brussels from 6-8 June , 70 experts presented solution oriented papers based on concrete expertise.

The concept of Internet of Things is among the latest innovations in the internet and it revolves around creating systems of communications between machines aimed at automatic completions of tasks.One example is using a band or chip on human body to monitor blood pressure which is automatically transmitted to computer of doctor who after getting alert on mobile  adjusts medicines accordingly. IoT is considered to have immense potential of facilitating people in day to day life.

During the IoT conference experts shared cases to innovate with Geo IoT: from IoT networks such as LPWA, Bluetooth LE or UWB to high precision GNSS and  from Beacons and new sensors to “Big GeoData”.

In his keynote address on the topic ‘ Geo IoT For Healthcare In Pakistan and Emerging Economies’, Jaffri highlighted the opportunities for using IoT technology for improving health facilities in Pakistan particularly in remote areas which is  necessitated by poor health infrastructure in rural areas and by the fact that the rural – urban population ratio is very high and majority of licensed doctors are not happy  to stay in rural areas.

Jaffri said that in a scenario where traditional medical systems are proving to be in sufficient to meet the growing pressure on the hospitals, technology led systems can bring big relief for the patients and doctors as well as financial resources by making systems more efficient.

He pointed out that Pakistani diaspora can help improve the social sector facilities in their areas of origin which would in turn also create job opportunities, by projecting market potential of Pakistan to European population particularly in terms of application of technology.

Brussels 09 June 2017.

Ammar Jafrri CEO IoT Pakistan presenting paper at the Conference . Brussels 09.06.2017Ammar Jafrri CEO IoT Pakistan at the Geo IoT World Conference. Brussels 09.06.2017 Ammar Jafrri CEO IoT Pakistan with other speakers of the Conference . Brussels 09.06.2017


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